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Trustless - means there is no need for trust

The main benefit of the blockchain technology is that you don't have to trust Lottesy. This lottery works on Ethereum blockchain as a smart-contract. Smart-contract once deployed can't be canceled or changed later. The source code of our smart-contract is verified and publicly available here. So if you check our code you will know for sure how it works and there is no place for doubts that it will work that way no matter what.

The Rules of 10 ETH Game

Lottesy smart-contract sells 1,100 chances for the price of 0.01 ETH each. 11 ETH is being collected that way from which 10 ETH is the prize and 1 ETH the Lottesy commission. You can buy as many chances as you want. So the overall chance to win 10 ETH is fully under your control. For instance, if you buy all 1,100 chances you will win the prize with 100% guarantee. This is not good idea thou since you pay more than you get. When all 1,100 chances are sold out the random number between 1 and 1,100 are being requested from the source of random numbers which is Oraclize. Smart-contract automatically transfers 10 ETH prize to the address of the winner.

The lottery with obvious chances to win

Existing lotteries with balls and number picking are tricking with probabilities to get huge profits. When the chance to win is already negligible nobody will notice if they make it twice negligible. But the profit of lottery company skyrocketing.

In the opposite Lottesy offers to play with the chances that you can actually see. They are finite and being shown on your screen as an empty coin spots. They are finite and being shown on your screen as an empty coin spots.

When someone buys a chance it is shown as a small coin.

How to buy chances?

Simply send any amount multiple of 0.01 ETH to the address on the main page. Lottesy smart-contract will receive your payment and store the information about the chances you've bought. You can buy more chances later if you want.

When is the drawing?

The drawing will be conducted immediately when all 1,100 chances are sold out. If you want to help it to happen sooner please invite more players by spreading the word over social media. Thanks!

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